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South Cebu DIY Travel Guide

Cebu has a lot to share for people who want to travel. The southern part of the island has a lot to offer from the food, interaction and natural wonders. But by planning those things, you really need to have something that will lead you to the place and Cebu van rental service is one of the great ways you can try. As you wander Cebu south, here are the things you can do.

Stopover at Carcar City

If you’re planning to dive in with the whale sharks in Oslob in Cebu then you should stop over for a while in Carcar City where you can have your breakfast. The place is known for its delicacies like the Chicharon and Lechon. If you want to go to the restroom, you can go to a fast-food chain like Jollibee and maybe you’ll fall in love with their chickenjoy. You can buy Lechon at the cafeteria or carinderia section at the back of Carcar Market. You can buy a special Lechon for 280php of Lechon. Here’s a good tip: you should bring a Tupperware where you can contain and seal the fresh Lechon and get more drippings from it. Buy hanging rice for 10 pesos each and along with it, Chicharon which will make your breakfast full than ever. You can buy Chicharon for 500Php per kilo.

Whale Shark Watching in Oslob

Please take note that it is not allowed to touch the whale sharks and a person must a have 4 meters distance away from it. Since the sharks are considered to be endangered. There will be people that will monitor the operation that will last for 30 minutes per person. Foreigners and locals differ on rates, and local has a discount. You will truly enjoy this place because of the gigantic but friendly sharks that will swim with you.

Trekking to Tumalog Falls

When you arrive there, expect that you’ll walk or ride a bike for a while before arriving in the falls. It’s a worthy experience if you walk since you need it because you’re sitting down in the office as always. Trekking there is a great exercise.

No wonder, Cebu has the greatest beauty to offer. Plan your van rental as soon as you plan to go in Cebu.