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Make the next products 100% carbon neutral


Manufacturers have been using various methods to make products for the customers but many of them do not adhere to safety standards and thus harm the environment. Carbon is highly environment hurting element and it is time that we complete put a stop to its use. The manufacturing processes will not suffer from any damage or change if we banish carbon. Rather, we will take a step forward in order to save our environment from damage and maintain it further. Eliminating carbon use will not lead to change in quality of manufactured products. Therefore, there is n reason why we must not let go of carbon use.

Get a quick quote for product manufacturing

There are quite a few manufacturers who have adapted the carbon neutral ways and for those who want to strike a good impression in front of their customer, they must get a quick quote from the manufacturers and thus go ahead with the manufacturing. The customers will love the carbon free products and will have a completely different take and impression about the company. Use the carbon neutral products as your promotional products and see the changes it brings to the company reputation.

Wide product range to choose

The carbon neutral product manufacturers usually have a long list of products and seldom are there are products that many not manufacture. So, there is something for everybody and there is no legit excuse that can help them stay away from the carbon neutral products.

Opt for eco promotional merchandise.

Tips To Make Your Handbags Last Longer

Carrying handbags or any kind of bags like satchel or designer handbags can create a fashion statement. They play an important part in reflecting the personality of a woman, it includes the colour she selects and how she carries it. Below are a few tips to ensure that your bag lasts longer.


1. Store them properly

After using your bag never just toss your bag in your cupboard. Bags tend to last longer if they are kept in the right way. Ideal way to store a bag is place it in upright position in a dust bag. Never store bag in a material which traps moisture inside. Use scarves, sweaters or acid free tissue or use handbag insert to keep your bag upright. Unclip any kind of straps that can be removed if storing for longer period of time.

2. Remove stains the right way

Different kinds of stains can lead to tarnish or blemish the look of the bag. One needs to know type of stains so that you can deal with it appropriately. If you get food stains on your bag sprinkle crushed white chalk on stain, let it set for some time preferably overnight then clean it with help of clean cloth. For oil stain sprinkle corn starch on the stain, rub it with the help of cloth then brush it off. These instructions are often given with high end and unique promotional products.  

3. Regular cleaning

It is advised to clean you bag at least once a week with the help of a wet cloth, if bag is made of leather use moisturizer to clean it.

These are few ways by which you can ensure that your bag last longer.

What Promotional Products To Gift Your Employees

You don’t have to limit promotional products to giveaways for customers, you can also use them to show your appreciation for your employees to boost their performance and gain their loyalty. Keep reading for some great tips on giving away promotional products to your hardworking employees.


Why are they given?

To reasons to give promotional products to your employees is endless. You could give them away to a select number of hardworking employees every year to boost morale and push them to achieve the goals that you set from them. You could also give them to any employees who are leaving whether it’s due to a transfer or retirement, as it will show your appreciation and create a feeling of goodwill amongst all the members of your staff.

How do they differ from your regular promotional products?

It would be nice if the promotional products you give to employees have a more personal touch. You could personalize it with a small message of thanks but this kind of thing will usually be restricted to certain special occasions. Contacting a professional company like Logo Pro Australia is a great way of getting ideas for any personalized promotional products Brisbane being the hub of all kinds of promotions.

You can also set aside a certain amount of the products that you sell to clients for your employees everywhere, receiving freebies especially if you are a makeup company, it will definitely make your female employees happy.

How much do you spend?

You do not have to spend an extravagant amount of money on the products you give away to employees, the idea is to show your appreciation and the amount you spend will correspond with your overall budget.

When setting your business plan you should make sure that you remember your employees!