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Eye Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them

You must be wondering why one would need eye makeup brushes. Isn’t eye makeup just about using an eye liner and be done with it? You’ll be surprised to discover how many brushes are used to make your eye makeup bold and beautiful. Here are some brushes that might help you bring out your eyes using eco makeup.

Courtesy: beautydec

1. Fluff brush

This brush can work for all sorts of finishing. You can use the large fluff brush by applying the product angularly against your eye brow for highlighting. Use a small sized fluff brush to apply any color just at the inner corner of the eye.

2. Smudge brush

Smudge brush is the number one key to blend your smoky eye makeup. These brushes have shorter and muskier bristles. Apply the eye pencil underneath your lower lash line. Use the smudge brush to blend.

3. Liner brush

A liner brush is a must have. These brushes are slender and have hard bristles. They are too stiff to use for regular shadow makeover. These stiff brushes help in applying your gel liner accurately. Dip the brush in your gel liner and trace the liner starting from your inner eye to the outer rim of your lid.

4. Slanted liner brush

A slanted liner brush can come in handy. You may not always be able to trace your liner perfectly using a simple brush. Slanted liner brushes are easier to use. They can help to make your winged eye liner, perfect. Slanted brushes can also be used to make your eye brows seamless.

Your eyes bring out your look. Make sure it is perfect!

Spring 2017 Makeup and Beauty Trend Predictions

Courtesy-Synergie Skin

Spring is not here yet, but everyone is making predictions for the most wanted makeup and beauty trends. It is also time that you start planning and updating your closet and makeup collection with the latest fashion and makeup items. Here are a few predictions to get you started on your shopping list.

1. Colours

This time a pop of colour was common on a lot of runways. However, to go with this colour either on the eyes or the lips, the rest of the makeup remained simple. This trend is likely to be really popular in the spring of 2017.

2. Eighties

The major throwback to the 80s was seen on a lot of shows.  This calls attention to bright lipsticks and blushes, along with light foundation and cream products. It is time to stock up on the best mineral makeup in stores. This is complemented with ruffles and side swept curls.

3. Plaits

In the hair section, plaits and braids were the major hit. Tight hippie styled braid with a leather jacket will be a must. However, for a more glamorous look, plaited buns and classy braids are the keys.

4. Side parts

Another major trend in the hair department is the side parts. They are getting deeper and glamorous this time.

5. Glitter

Spring 2017 demands more sparkle and dazzle to your look. There was no shortage of glitter on every fashion show, whether it is on the eyes, lips or nails.

Therefore, before you go shopping for the next season keep these trends in mind.