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Cerberus FTP Server – An Easy to Configure FTP Server For Windows 7

On plenty of events, a few users ask me "How do I send big size documents?" , and mostly I state, Pando. However, using an FTP Server, then you can make exactly the same with no battle. That's what Cerberus FTP Server lets you do. For more info about FTP server, you may visit https://www.tbsoftinc.com/tbserver/turboftp-server-overview.html.

This can be an outstanding FTP server at the program for Windows; because of its simple to use interface and also the ability to configure it as a quick and effortless method. The interface is truly intuitive, simple to comprehend and to utilize.

Cerberus FTP Server - An Easy to Configure FTP Server For Windows 7

It is a completely free program compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc., which addresses the fundamentals needs that any server you would like to install could have. Light and with no unbelievable PC specs required.

Between the Key features we could find about it, a number of the most outstanding are:

It is really easy to install, configure and to use

It takes multi-platform relations

It provides support for passive and active connections

It enables access to IP address

You can handle the relationship's period of several users simultaneously

It enables you to regain lost transfers (sending transfers (or incoming transfers)

You can configure user's permissions

In closing words, even if you would like to produce your PC an FTP Server or just wish to create a peer to peer connections using a remote server, then Cerberus FTP Server is your option for you, as with it you are able to accomplish it in a couple of steps, without the bigger complications, and also in a fairly fast manner.