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Digital Transcription in the Modern Times

Digital transcription is the technique by which video and audio recordings in electronic formats such as mp3 and mp4 are converted and kept in text format.

The video and audio recordings in the files could possibly consist of just about anything ranging from sermons, interviews to focus group talks.

Whenever an enterprise does not have the time to deal with the transcription process independently, they seek out the support of digital transcription solutions.

A lot of companies would not have the luxury to have a standalone section simply to do transcription. Today, even the large firms turn to outsourced workers even if they have the resources to have their own crew of transcriptionists.

Digital transcription was predominantly made use of by attorneys and physicians in the olden days. In recent times, each and every business has recognized the relevance of transcription.

The video and audio recordings meant for transcription  are transmitted to the transcriber or the transcription agency thru FTP. E-mail is also used for transfer of files however it is merely used for small files. Most digital transcription firms demand on utilizing FTP for file transfer even for small files. As soon as the video and audio recordings are transcribed, the text files are often stored in txt format or word format. When the transcription is over, the transcripts are sent via FTP to the client.

The rates charged by digital transcription agencies vary a whole lot from one company to another. Transcription companies quote their rates in the cost per word format. The accent of the speaker is a crucial thing to consider in deciding prices. British accent is seen to be the toughest accent to understand and hence very expensive. The possibility that American accent is the most widely used and commonly heard accent makes it more affordable. The audio clarity too plays a vital part in the determination of transcription fees.

What is Digital Transcription and Why is Outsourcing Popular?

The process of transcribing words present in audio recordings into text format is called digital transcription. Meetings, group discussions and conferences happening in companies are recorded and saved in such audio files. The resulting text files are commonly called transcripts.

Businesses which usually cannot take care of their own transcription tasks would outsource such tasks to digital transcription providers. Many corporations, especially the small ones, would not possess the budget to start their very own transcription team. Outsourcing has become so popular and efficient that even big and medium-sized companies prefer to outsource than to spend money on their very own in-house transcription section.

Digital transcription is not used merely in medical treatment centers and law firms. It is utilized in a variety of institutions like schools, colleges, banks etc.

The audio recordings for transcription are commonly stored in three main audio file forms such as wav, mp3 and wma.

The Wav format is a pretty outdated electronic audio file format.But, it is still being utilized commonly. Digital transcription services don’t usually accept audio recordings in wav format since they are very big.

MP3 is another popular format for storing audio recordings. This format is preferred by digital transcription companies in spite of the fact that they are mainly utilized for music.

WMA is the least used of all the three audio file formats as they lack clarity when compared with the other two types.

Digital Transcription of Audio Tapes

Audio tapes are serving the industry since many years now for recording the dictations, interviews, conferences and also focus groups. But with the technology advancement, digital recorders have now over-powered the tape formats thereby serving with some great advantages to the industry as with the help of these digital recorders, the digital transcriptionists are able to provide fine quality sound recording system and that too, up to the required time limit.

Below mentioned are some really good points to make a thorough comparison between a digital sound file and an audio tape, to bring out the most useful product to efficiently serve the industry with:

  • Audio tapes usually wear-out soon. This physical damage or stretching out can be due to their repeated use and mishandling.

  • Duplication of Digital recordings is a convenient, cheap and quick process that does not even compromise on the sound quality during copying. Copying an audio tape will not only consume a lot of time, it will not be able to avoid  quality deterioration. During digital transcription, a transcriber is provided with a copy of the recording and the original recording remains with the person to fulfill any future need or clarification, if required at any point of time like adding up of any extra text to the recording which cannot be done with audio tapes at all.

  • Sometimes, some words in the recording are unclear or inaudible; these words can be easily indicated with the help of Audio time markers, as there are usually backup recordings that are available for CDs as compared to audio tapes.

  • Transferring a digital recording to a transcriber is relatively an easier and a quicker job to do as these are transferred with the help of FTP internet services, which has also proved to be advantageous for people, who travel very frequently for their businesses because they no longer have to search for a post office to send an audio tape but the only facilities they require are a PC along with an Internet connection to send the file to the transcriber.  

  • The use of digital recordings helps a person to eliminate the postage costs that are usually involved in the other case.

  • Risk of losing data also diminishes in this case. As a recording file can be transferred to the transcriber as many times as he wants. Also in handling a large project, it is easier to allot sound files to respective transcribers, which is no doubt, an easier and a safer method as compared to the physical division of an original tape recordings.

Apart from above advantages, it necessitates a person to own a compatible PC with a sizeable hard drive enabling him to store as many digital files as he wants to.