Intro to Business Intelligence Systems

Analytics and business intelligence techniques combine data, data, engineering, and business plan in a format that is intuitive and simple for users to interact with. A best practice would be to develop and execute analytics and business intelligence systems with a balanced scorecard strategy. For more info, you may lead to or any other reputed sites.

Intro to Business Intelligence Systems

Balanced Scorecard Approach

The balanced scorecard (written about by Kaplan & Norton) is a performance management system which links non-financial and fiscal performance metrics and organizational targets. Strategic goals are recorded in company terminology and related to metrics. Aims and metrics are divided and arranged in to four categories: financial, customer, internal process and individual resources.


An integral element to a fantastic business intelligence process is a selection of dashboards that picture and make sense of a huge selection of corporate, public and third-party data. Highly intuitive, visually attractive, information packed nimble dashboards empower managers and end users to rapidly understand the most important facts pertaining to company performance.

Core dashboards from the company intelligence system ought to be constructed around the balanced scorecard plan and display key metrics for visual analysis from end users. Through a string of connected dashboards, end users may have a deep dive to the important performance metrics to comprehend the way they changed over time, how they are connected and how they're predicted to perform later on.