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Cerberus FTP Server – An Easy to Configure FTP Server For Windows 7

On plenty of events, a few users ask me "How do I send big size documents?" , and mostly I state, Pando. However, using an FTP Server, then you can make exactly the same with no battle. That's what Cerberus FTP Server lets you do. For more info about FTP server, you may visit

This can be an outstanding FTP server at the program for Windows; because of its simple to use interface and also the ability to configure it as a quick and effortless method. The interface is truly intuitive, simple to comprehend and to utilize.

Cerberus FTP Server - An Easy to Configure FTP Server For Windows 7

It is a completely free program compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc., which addresses the fundamentals needs that any server you would like to install could have. Light and with no unbelievable PC specs required.

Between the Key features we could find about it, a number of the most outstanding are:

It is really easy to install, configure and to use

It takes multi-platform relations

It provides support for passive and active connections

It enables access to IP address

You can handle the relationship's period of several users simultaneously

It enables you to regain lost transfers (sending transfers (or incoming transfers)

You can configure user's permissions

In closing words, even if you would like to produce your PC an FTP Server or just wish to create a peer to peer connections using a remote server, then Cerberus FTP Server is your option for you, as with it you are able to accomplish it in a couple of steps, without the bigger complications, and also in a fairly fast manner.

Common Uses of Stainless Steel Screw

If you’re in need of the ideal attachments for both your home and workplace, you will need to think about buying the stainless steel screw, and there are lots of reasons for this. First of all, the stainless steel screw is recyclable and it’s also corrosion-free.

Nowadays, the former property is quite important, especially that there’s now a growing concern for ensuring that all of the materials that are utilized today are environmentally friendly.

Moreover, early in the 20th century updated stainless steel has been invented, and now it’s still thought of as the sole corrosion-free metal. During the past few decades, numerous researchers have shown that the stated metal screw is now an extremely popular and economical reality.

The principal reason behind the stainless steel screw being corrosion-free is how these screws are made from a mixture of steel and about 10% compound of chromium, among other alloys. Checkout N.S STEEL CO., LTD. Distributor of steel pipes and valves used in buildings and factories (which is also known as “N.S. STEEL CO., LTD. ผู้แทนจำหน่ายท่อเหล็กและวาล์วที่ใช้ตามอาคารบ้านเรือนและโรงงานต่างๆ” in Thai language).

The sturdiness of this stainless steel screw is accomplished with the addition of nickel to these crews nonetheless, there are less expensive versions which are available, where both nickel and manganese are added to the screws to be able to obtain the identical effect.

As businesses begin to move together with the advancements in technology, there are lots of suppliers which are now allowing customers to buy the stainless steel screw from the comfort of their houses.

When you shop for screws on the internet, you’ll be introduced into a wide choice of bolts and nuts which you can pick from; moreover, they are offered at prices that you’ll be able to afford.

Fire Prevention Tools And Techniques

Fire prevention ranges from understanding how to install smoke alarms to dialing emergency services and understanding emergency numbers.

Here’s a guide to the very best fire prevention tools and methods to safeguard your house and your workplace.

Smoke Alarms And Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms (or smoke detectors) are among the best methods to detect fires early, thereby preventing severe fires from happening. They are particularly great for fires which may occur at night, which is silent killers with smoke and deadly gases.  A Sprinkler System (which is also known as ”  ระบบดับเพลิง” in the Thai language ) very safeguards equipment for fire detection.

You also need to install a carbon monoxide detector, which can detect the deadly gas produced by fires and concealed electric burning and, more commonly, gas escapes from equipment and boilers.

All sensors should be tested regularly to be sure they operate and the batteries at the cheaper standard sensors should be replaced after per year. Better still would be mains-operated or 10-year lithium battery sensors.

Kitchens And Garages

Even though you may think smoke alarms should be in the areas where fires are likely to start like kitchens, it’s truly a bad idea to have “smoke” alarms in the kitchen or garage, because they can easily be triggered by fumes and cooking from car exhausts.

Always be certain that you can hear the alerts in which you sleep – if you can’t, install more of these and use interconnectable ones. Additionally, fit the alarms on the ceiling away from any wall or apex, as those on walls won’t correctly detect smoke or fumes.

Maintain Flammable Materials And Products Secure

Maintaining dangerous or flammable substances secure is vitally important, especially when kids are around. Matches and lighters should be completely out of the reach of children, and flammable liquids or substances shouldn’t be near open flames or areas where heat can cause them to catch fire.

Fire prevention is an ongoing concern, and you need to stay vigilant for possible fire hazards around your home or even on the job. If you see something which may be a risk, sort it out instantly, as you never know when that possible hazard could become a real issue.

Provided that you stay alert to the possible risks, you may help prevent fires from happening and keep people safe.

Have All The Essential Fire Equipment

Not all fire prevention is all about stopping fires before they start. Fire prevention may also mean dealing with issues quickly before they become major incidents. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to have an array of firefighting equipment to use.

This includes fire extinguishers in addition to fire blankets and also having an escape plan so that individuals can access safety and call for help from the emergency services before things get out of control.

A Complete Solar Panel System

With increasing concerns about toxic pollution, increasing electricity costs, and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, the urge to utilize solar energy is increasing rapidly. Few, however, actually understand what a complete solar energy system is, since most available information focuses on commercial or DIY solar panels, failing to mention that the rest of what’s required to make a functional system.

Solar Panels

1 solar panel has three key components, a home unit, solar cells, and a wiring system. Housing units are most commonly constructed with metal frames, usually aluminum, a good backing, which may be made of different materials, and a glass, or Plexiglas, front pay.

Solar panels don’t generate enough electricity in real time to power people’s devices, nor do they create any power at all once the sun goes down. To overcome this issue, we have to integrate the use of a power storage system, namely batteries.

If you want to explore more about Heat Pump, Hot Water Tank, Solar Collector, Solar Cell, Boiler see them all on the web.

The main bit of info about batteries is that they are 12 volts, true that determines the desired voltage output of almost all solar panels. Another essential part of information about batteries in solar energy systems is that they need to be what is known as deep cycle batteries.

Charge Controllers

A fully working array of solar panels will produce fantastic quantities of power all day long. Sometimes, however, our batteries are fully charged, and when fully charged batteries have been fed a continuous current of power, they will become damaged. It’s necessary, therefore, to put in a device that could determine the amount of charge in a battery bank and then utilize that information to control the amount of energy delivered to them. The system that does this is known as a charge controller.

Power Inverter

The last piece of a complete solar energy system is what is known as the power inverter. As stated previously, battery banks are 12-volt systems. Additionally, they use what’s called a direct current system, or, in short, a DC system. The appliances in one’s house, on the other hand, use 120-volt alternating current, or AC, systems.

A Brief Info About Pot-Box, Relay And Inertia Switch

If you have been contemplating converting your gasoline vehicle to an electric and have done a bit of research on the topic, you’ve probably encountered the terms pot-box, relay and inertia switch.

These parts are essential for security and control of your electric vehicle and the following information will help you better understand each of the functions.


A Pot-box or potentiometer box is the system which will physically connect to an accelerator pedal through the accelerator pedal cable. It’s a spring-loaded arm that’s activated by stepping on the accelerator pedal allowing more or less present through into the motor control and tells the motor control how much capacity to send to the engine for acceleration.


A relay is a system which utilizes a small control voltage such as 12 volts, to control a bigger system voltage such as 120 volts. A relay (not solid state) has a magnetic coil that when triggered pulls a set of connections closed and allows current to flow on the bigger voltage side of the relay. Ningbo Hirelay Technology is a professional relay manufacturer, the company mainly products including Telecom relay, General purpose relays, Automotive Relay.

An inertia switch is a safety switch designed to reduce power to the vehicle if it is included in a collision. It’s generally mounted near the front of the car and when impact occurs the vibration of the inertia switch releases a magnetically held pair of connections shutting off the power to the automobile. In some countries, this is a necessity for any electric vehicle conversion.

A Brief Info About Diesel Generator

A diesel generator is a most frequently used generator because it has distinguishable attributes. It’s a portable type, strong and most of all reliable. This sort of generator has a lot of benefits and serves its purpose pretty well.

The most known type is the water cooled. It runs at roughly 1800 RPM. And as a result of this, the generator may have a remarkable exertion of a horse. As a matter of fact, they have the capability to operate in long periods of time in comparison with generators powered by gasoline.

Diesel Generators 100 kW or more (which is also known as ” เครื่องปั่นไฟดีเซล 100 กิโลวัตต์ ขึ้นไป” in the Thai language  ) is also quite capable of accomplishing its task. It ought to have time to time check up because of the carburetors and spark plugs present. It is less expensive since it only needs a very affordable fuel unlike other fuels prepared for use like propane. The majority of the generators which are powered by petrol are a little similar to diesel motors.


There are only two kinds of engines. The first one is that the 2 strokes while the other is that the operations of four strokes. The performance is normally taken advantage in the majority of the generators.

The power stroke is referred to as the first stroke. The mechanism behind this is the ideal diesel vapor is flecked on the piston under a consolidated area that’s hot.

The piston will be transferred towards the bottom due to the pressure. The motion will then be transformed into a circling movement which will advocate on the crankshaft.

Exhaust stroke

The exhaust stroke is caused as a result of crankshaft turning the power to move towards the piston moving up. It’s then followed by a stroke known as compression and suction later. Regardless of being the less costly generator, this diesel generator may come very costly when talking of setting this up.

Although there were improvements with this generator, it can also be manipulated to some point of a cluttered blazing if put compared to other types of generator. It’s still more secure when compared to a gas stocking however, it might require using a bigger carrel for your fuel. It’s taken note as almost cost efficient in terms of fuel and maintenance. One of the drawbacks is that it creates louder sound, unlike other generators.

CCTV Cameras For Your Home

There are many  things that you need to take into consideration when selecting the ideal CCTV cameras.

Digital or analog CCTV surveillance cameras

The first thing that you ought to think about is if you want digital or analog CCTV surveillance cameras. Which of the two do you require? These two have various ways of recording movies.

Digital CCTV surveillance cameras are capable of generating files and then storing it into an internal memory card or hard disk whilst analog cameras utilizes VHS recorder, meaning that you will need a lot of blank tapes. Search online today and Buy Now SJ7 Star Free Promotion 6990 Baht Free Battery and Charge 750 Baht (which is also known as “SJ7 Star ฟรีโปรโมชั่น 6990 บาทฟรีแบตเตอรี่และชาร์จ 750 บาท ” in the Thai language).

Analogue cameras are limited in regards to recording movies, so if you’re worried about unlimited recording, then you need to select digital CCTV security cameras.

Another thing which ought to be considered when deciding on the perfect CCTV Cameras is the file size and its resolution. Do you really care about how big the file size or how high the resolution of a camera is?

Security CCTV cameras that have higher resolutions are most likely to cost much and will result in bigger file sizes, it is a great thing though because it’ll have the ability to identify how the offender resembles. When picking CCTV camera systems, constantly check the resolution and file size.

Next, once you’re looking for CCTV Cameras, it’s very important that you consider if they can be moved easily. This really means picking from wired and wireless CCTV cams. Do you want the ones that are wired, or would you prefer the ones that can be easily transferred?

If you’re the sort of person who wishes to set the cameras anywhere from 1 spot to another, then it’s good if you use a wireless CCTV camera.

Wireless surveillance programs can be installed just about anywhere you need around your house and added to this, it is easy to move them to another location if you would like to! Furthermore, they are so simple to install and install in your dwelling.

In actuality, you can get one up and run right after purchase. Using a wired CCTV system, you’ll need the guidance of a skilled installer if you would like to get one in your dwelling. These are simply some of the benefits of wireless cameras over the wired types.

Benefits Of Portable Generator

After the power off in your house, whether it’s a weather-related event or a collapse of the power grid, then you will probably want to have a generator for you through this challenging time.

However, the major key to getting the ideal generator is to learn how much power you’ll have to either run the fundamentals once the power flickers off or just how much power you’ll have to keep your house at full power for the duration of the power outage.

The simple fact is that the majority of generators, portable generators or the standby type, are inclined to be a little on the noisy side, so if possible, start looking for the generators which create the least amount of sound. Apart from this,  Checkout online websites If you want to know more about Evaporative Air Cooler – Down Discharge Series.

Together with the numerous generators available, it should not be difficult find one that meets your sound in addition to your electricity needs.

When it comes to exceptionally silent generators, the sound ratings can often time be as low as 50 decibels, the same quantity of a normal conversation. A normal generator will have a sound output of 75 decibels or about the equivalent of your average leaf blower.

People which are more worried about the sound a mobile generator sets out will be people using a generator for things such as a camp outside or a picnic. When using a generator for emergency power or on the work site, a sound is less of a problem and is often trumped by the requirement.

Another important part of selecting a portable generator is picking one that’s good for the environment. Unheard of in the past, now there are loads of generators which are being fabricated that adhere to the rigid regulations many states are adopting in regards to air quality.

Bear in mind, whatever sort of generator you opt for a portable generator or a standby generator, select wisely. Generators aren’t cheap, and with the economy the way it’s, you can ill afford to squander money.

If you select the wrong one, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the ability to go out and buy another one right off the bat or make an exchange. If you’re managing a qualified salesperson, don’t forget to let them know what you’re searching for so that they can help you discover the perfect generator for your precise needs.

Guidelines For Choosing Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel products are undoubtedly very significant quality and they’ve resistant characteristics which make them excellent in a variety of applications.

This is a substance that comes in a lot of grades and it may be confusing if you know nothing about the substance. A couple of basics can help you make the ideal selection each time you are out searching for stainless steel products for your program.

Corrosion resistant

This is a factor that you need to consider if at all you’re to receive the best grade for the products you’re about to buy. The environment on which you’ll be installing the goods should help you pick the best grade because chemical concentrations such as chloride and atmospheric conditions may hinder the quality of the item.

Heat resistant

Ordinarily, stainless steel is heat resistant, but the amounts can change from one grade to another. Furnace temperatures can for immediate accelerate the corrosion rates and wind up exerting more pressure on your stainless steel products.

You may require higher grade that’s designed to withstand the high heat. You can see All types of pipe fittings (which is also known as “อุปกรณ์ท่อทุกชนิด ” in the Thai language ) that are made of stainless steel.

Magnetic response

This is another very important element to consider when choosing stainless steel products. Austenitic grades come with lower responses and grades such as 310 and 316 possess non-magnetic attributes in all states because their magnetic permeability is relative compared to 2101 and 2205 grades that have greater permeability.

Strength requirements

This is an element which you can’t forget based on the requirements of your application. The environment and aim of the item are what should guide you to the very best grade of stainless steel and even though this could be confusing for many, a specialist can help you make the perfect decision.

Product form

Tubular, sheet and bar stainless steel products require different stainless steel grades. Not all grades apply to the different sizes and types but this would usually be something that you don’t need to be worried about since your manufacturer will look after it for you.


When looking at the expense of your stainless products, it’s better than you value is based on the quality you’re getting. Higher grades of stainless steel are normally higher in life and price for this matter to make certain that you get your facts right, so you have the ability to acquire the very best high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Guidelines For Moisture Removal from Transformer Oil Conservator Tanks

The oil reservoir (conservator tank) found on commercial and industrial hydraulic, lubricating and electric transformer systems all suffer the frequent ailment of water.

It’s recognized that water can collect in these conservator tanks to contaminate the oil and if this occurs in a short period or slowly over time the final result is the same, the gear suffers from rust, corrosion and decreased lubrication.

Transformers have even been known to burst in the loss of dielectric strength in their insulating oil. To a great degree, this issue results from the water being condensed in the humidity in the air around the conservator tank which then accumulates in the oil.

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In an attempt to fix this problem and keep “dry” oil in lubricating and hydraulic oil systems, water-removing oil filters have been created that can remove water from the oil by means of a flow stream through the filter.

However, filtering doesn’t fix the total moisture problem but only addresses the water after it’s in the oil transformer systems. In addition, it’s hard to filter oil in transformers as for the most part they’re designed as static reservoirs and don’t have oil flow flows to connect to. What is needed is a reasonable way of preventing the water flow in the air.

The cutting-edge technology of spin-on air filters solves the problem of water condensing from conservator tank atmospheres.

These special filters are designed to remove water from an air flow as it passes through the filter and when used as a conservator breather system it won’t just remove particulate from the air, but will also get rid of any water vapor.

These breather systems have demonstrated the ability to reduce moisture levels in hydraulic oil reservoirs to under condensate dew points and supplies a replacement for various static-functioning silica-gel breathers.

These water-removing air filters work in a superior fashion, as silica-gel breather’s efficiencies are limited to about 40% relative humidity surroundings because of silica-gel being a ridged structure incapable of growth.