All About Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez

We all know that in today’s world there are various sports matches or upcoming events that everyone wants to watch live. Canelo vs Khan Fight is also among that, people who are in the field of boxing will surely love to watch this match.

The recent declaration has drawn different replies from boxing fans worldwide. Some have upturned eyebrows upon hearing that Canelo vs Khan will be advertised as a big fight. Some disbelief that it will draw a million purchase. Amir Khan has been making noise as a competitor since of his outstanding boxing skills. Khan is said to already be a big name in the boxing worldwide industry.

But many people raises question about his skills and said that, can he make a million fans watch him over pay-per-view?

Now, Khan is perceived as the underdog for the upcoming match. Some fans even consider that the fight is a sure mismatch. When Canelo astonishingly beat Cotto, it enhanced more self-assurance for Canelo. He is completely gaining more number of supporters every after his victory.

While this fight certainly has received the boxing world speaking, trying to relate this with the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that shattered PPV viewership in the usa with over 4. 6 million buys and gathering in over $410 million in revenue are usually summed up as overselling impractical expectations.